Plan your party with Cold Spring Beverages

We have your party needs covered

Cold Spring Beverages carries all of the supplies you need to accomodate a party or event for the whole town, or just your closest friends. From taps to buckets and ice to chips, Cold Spring Beverages can supply you with everything you need to get your party started and keep it going. Stop by or call and our staff will get you all set-up for your next event.

Half, Quarter, and Sixtel Kegs

Cold Spring Beverages carries a wide selection of kegged beer from domestic, import, and craft breweries. Kegs are available in half, quarter, and sixtel sizes, and special requests can be accommodated for with adequate notice.

All kegs purchases will require an additional $30 deposit that is fully refunded at the time of keg return. All kegs must be returned empty of contents within 5 days, or a $2/day late fee applies.

Bagged Ice

Don’t let your party get soured by warm beer, unless you’re enjoying a nice english ale. Pick up some bagged ice while you’re here and keep your kegs cool.


Tub Rentals

We can help you keep your kegs cold and your floors clean with free rentals of our keg tubs. Each rental requires a fully refundable $20 deposit per bucket, and buckets must be returned within 5 days or a $1/day late fee applies.

Tap Rentals

Keg taps are available for rental at the time of keg purchase. Rental cost of keg taps is $5 with a $40.00 deposit that is fully refunded upon return of tap. All keg taps must be returned within 5 days or a $2/day late fee applies.